Bird drawings with burnt wood from the 2019/2020 Black Summer fires.

Drawing with charcoal from the Australian 2019/2020 Black Summer Bushfires. 

Jody Graham drawing with burnt branches from Black Summer fires. Photo credit: Graeme Wienand

Drawing is at the core of my arts practice, and I often use unconventional tools and approaches to investigate contemporary drawing practice.
Several weeks after the 2019/2020 Black Summer megafires swept throughout Australia I visited Browns Swamp, outside Lithgow. The wetland was surrounded by severely burnt landscape that stretched as far as you could see.
Witnessing this extensive damage in ominous silence raised deep questions about the survival of the wildlife.
To document their plight, I have drawn with burnt wood from the black summer fires a series of native Australian birds, depicting their escape.
My art is a testimony to their endurance but also a declaration that we must protect and preserve their diminishing environments.
Artist Statement 10/3/21