Sound Drawing – Avant-Garde Weirdo meets Road Kill Artist 27 July 2022 One It was late September 2017 when a visual artist encountered an experimental musician at Arthur and Yvonne Boyd’sbequest property, Bundanon, established in bush on the left bank of the Shoalhaven River 15 km inland from Nowra and about 170 km south of […]

Jody Graham – Getting Pinked * While drawing forms the core of Jody Graham’s art, she uses unconventional tools, found objects, and idiosyncratic approaches to explore the boundaries of contemporary art practice. This exhibition is of striking new work that emerged from two residencies Jody had as part of her Wildfire Project at The Old […]

Getting Pinked ‘Awe-inspiring’ might seem like an unusual expression to apply to The Black Summer fires. For me, awe-inspiring holds a range of meanings, from the breath-taking, to the terrifying, to the truly formidable. This is how I experienced the desolate, burnt landscape driving up the Bells Line of Road, two weeks after the 2019-2020 […]

Drawing with charcoal from the Australian 2019/2020 Black Summer Bushfires.  Jody Graham drawing with burnt branches from Black Summer fires. Photo credit: Graeme Wienand Drawing is at the core of my arts practice, and I often use unconventional tools and approaches to investigate contemporary drawing practice. Several weeks after the 2019/2020 Black Summer megafires swept throughout Australia […]

Trashed Installation of burnt steel and aluminium cans, plastic and glass drink containers and beer and wine bottles. Click here for 66th Blake catalogue and artist statement.      

Jody Graham  Borderline  76 x 56cm  pastel and charcoal on paper  2016   Borderline is essentially a self-portrait which fuses two people, the other being Julian Horne, who I was in a relationship with for seven years. We separated one year before his early passing in October 2016. Julian lived in the mountains most of […]

Witness  Love and Loss  Image – Jody Graham drawing a magpie using burnt branches from bushfires.   Love and loss are powerful motivators, persistently compelling me to act with more thought and care. In October 2018, while on an artist residency at Grafton Regional Gallery, a visit by an exceptional magpie changed my life. Prior […]

Jody Graham’s fascination with birds began long ago as an almost involuntary response to the warbling of magpies and the strange desolate cries of crows. The sounds of birds, distant and near, absorb us like a canvas absorbs paint, resonate within us, come to our ears unbidden, reminding us that we are watched and witnessed […]

In creating the After the Rain series, Jody Graham literally dragged her materials through mud and rain to produce images that express the transient ‘sheen’ that transfigure a forest immediately after a shower.  The title of the series thus refers equally to theme and process: these works are both ‘about’ the world after rain and ‘of’ […]