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I Can’t Live Without – Online course

Online Art Course – I Can’t Live Without…

An in-depth creative enquiry into a personal object or theme.


Course includes
  • Weekly project with detailed information, links and videos to assist you.
  • Weekly follow up individually tailored, one on one online tutorials.
  • Learn skills and techniques with variety of drawing materials, how to make exciting composition, knowledge and practical skills to help you produce a series of artworks.
  • Accesses to WhatsApp group connected to the course to share with like-minded creatives.
  • Form online connections with others for possible future group exhibitions.
  • Estimated weekly time 3 – 6 hours (your pace)
  • Experience level – Intermediate to Advanced
  • Next course commences early August 2020.
  • For more information or to join waiting list go to contacts page on this website and send a message.



I have learnt so much on this course, it’s hard to believe the progress made in a few weeks. Jody has put together a course that is interesting and challenged me to deeply get to know my subject matter. Each week I learnt and practiced new skills and Jody’s knowledge and resources pushed me to keep improving.
I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their drawing and learn a variety of techniques and skills. Jody is a great teacher, she really looks at your individual work and sees what could be improved or experimented with. Her deep love and expertise in drawing and creativity comes across in her lessons.
It was also fun and supportive to post in the whatsapp group as we went along – to see other’s work progressing and to share insights and challenges.
Mandy Galbraith 29/6/2020


Jody’s course has taken me from feeling that my drawing was a huge weakness to a position of greater confidence in my technical skills and an enthusiasm for exploring further techniques and experimentation. I was impressed with the tailored experience and the number of resources that Jody provided. Her feedback and guidance was positive and constructive. The addition of the WhatsApp group allowed us to share and comment between online sessions which was encouraging and valuable. I Can’t Live Without has been an excellent course and has led to works for exhibition. Thank you, Jody.
Kirsten Johnston 28/6/2020