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Drawing the Wonderful World of Birds in Mixed Media with Jody Graham

Birds are a constant companion to lots of us. Many have unique encounters or special relationships with them. It’s a rewarding experience to watch and listen to their beauty, behaviour and bird song as they fly about, foraging for food, nest building or calling for a mate.

The Wonderful World of Birds Workshop will teach you how to capture the awe-inspiring beauty and many expressive qualities of birds we are blessed to encounter in our daily lives. For two days the central theme throughout the workshop will be to help you understand and learn techniques to draw and paint avian qualities that intrigue and inspire you.

Learn in a fun, covid safe environment, easy to follow drawing approaches designed to strengthen your observation skills and develop individual expression. Demonstrations will guide students through a combination of mixed media techniques, planned to promote the creation of unique artworks about the bird’s participants admire and love.

Join in this enjoyable, exciting workshop if you want to learn how to draw birds or enhance your existing knowledge and talent.

Lessons and techniques cater for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

WHEN: 9.30am-4.00pm, Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd May 2021

WHERE: Rosby Mud Hut, 122 Strikes Lane, Eurunderee MUDGEE

COST: $265 per student. Includes complimentary lunch with Rosby Wine – SOLD OUT


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