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Curious artists Fiona Verity and Julie Nicholson interview artists, curators, gallery owners, teachers and all the creatives they can find to learn about and discuss the art world.

Season 3 Episode 61 – Jody Graham multidisciplinary artist

 2021· ART WANK

Jody Graham

‘Drawing is at the core of Jody Graham’s multidisciplinary art. She relentlessly explores new techniques and investigates contemporary drawing practice. To do this she builds on and then moves beyond conventional drawing processes in search of new methods and tools that connect drawing with the fundamental need to make symbolic marks.’

Jody Graham is an amazing woman and an extremely talented, fearless, and innovative artist to boot. She let us into her Marrickville studio for the interview, which is a treasure trove of her bower bird tendencies alongside beautiful energetic paintings and drawings. We talked to Jody about her process, the ideas behind her art and her lifes journey through alcolism and beyond to artist extraronaire.

Jody is represented by Nanda Hobbs and her next show, ‘Somewhere to Land’, is from 27th May to 5 June.

Find out more about Mark Cauvin, Jody’s musical collaborator here