Queenwood School  – February 2022

Full day workshop with Queenwood School, Year 11 Visual Art students. A fun, creative day visiting significant sites around Balmoral to create art making tools and artworks before students embark on their own Year 11 and 12 art making journeys.






Drawing Birds with charcoal from the Black Summer bushfires

Join artist Jody Graham in a day of drawing birds with salvaged burnt wood from the Black Summer Bushfires.

Saturday 15 January 2022 10am – 2pm -Lunch will be provided

Maiden Theatre – Royal Botanic Gardens, Mrs Macquaries Road Sydney


In this class you will be able to draw the wonderful world of birds using burnt wood salvaged from the Black Summer Bushfires, to pay homage to the endurance of the community and the environment. Some people see burnt remnants as a negative, using them in a positive way to draw and transform allows an individual to express the beauty in a new beginning. Join expert Jody Graham as you explore new techniques and investigate contemporary drawing practices, developing your skills of drawing with unconventional methods.

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Summer School – Art Est Art School – Drawing Classes

January 4th Tuesday – Art Est Summer School – Expressive Drawing

Enmore Road, Newtown, ink, pastel, charcoal on paper, 56cm x 76cm

This one-day expressive drawing workshop is jam packed with projects and tasks to introduce students to expressive drawing in mixed media.

A workshop designed to activate and expand on your passion to draw and create. Learn innovative expressive drawing techniques to help you simplify complicated subjects and create contemporary unique artworks.

When you participating in this one-day course you can expect to learn how to create dynamic compositions, explore mark making with a variety of material, develop your drawing skills and refine techniques to promote individual expression.

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January 6th Thursday – Art Est Summer School – Drawing the Wonderful World of Birds

Charcoal from Australian Black Summer bushfires and compressed charcoal on paper, 38cm x 57cm

The Wonderful World of Birds Workshop will teach you how to capture the expressive qualities of birds we encounter in our daily lives. The central theme throughout the workshop will be to help you understand and learn techniques to draw and paint avian qualities that intrigue and inspire you

Learn in a fun, covid safe environment easy to follow drawing approaches designed to strengthen observation skills and develop individual expression. Demonstrations will guide students through a combination of mixed media techniques, planned to promote the creation of unique artworks.

This is a masterclass for intermediate and advanced students.

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NEW DATES 17th – 19th June

Festival of Improvised and Experimental Music + Film + Art. Bringing to you innovative Artists from across the Nation.

This is the 13th year of the annual SoundOut festival, and in 2022 we will bring to you the continuation of the incredible explorative Sound, Film and visual Art event. This is the Improvisational and Experimental Music + Film + Arts festival to will uplift tired ears and eyes, explore the unknown, see within the fabric of sound, unravel the threads of normative musical praxis, and question sonic hegemonies. With artists that will combine, mix, cross-fertilize, and move sound mountains to inspire inquiring ears

SoundOut 2022 sees the extraordinary Artists: Vanessa Tomlinson ( vibraphone) in the duo Clocked Out with Erik Griswold (piano); Monika Brooks (piano and accordion); Clayton Thomas (double bass); Jim Denley(flute/saxophone); Sally-Anne McIntyre (electronics/radio objects) in a duo with Campbell Walker (experimental film); Laura Altman (clarinet/objects); Melanie Herbert (violin); Maria Moles (percussion/drums); Dave Brown(guitar); Nikki Johnson (percussion), Clara Pitt (flute); Nick Ashwood (guitar); Tony Osborne (vocals/electronics); Brian McNamara (invented electronics instr.); Charles Martin (electronics); Siena Mitchell (keyboard/electronics); Pip Gazard (electronics); Louise Curham (experimental film); Rhys Butler (alto sax); Richard Johnson (wind instr.); + more.

Mark Cauvin (double bass) and Jody Graham (visual Artist) will be performing in a duo improvisations of sound drawings during the festival as well as running a SoundOut Workshop on the 28th January from 1 – 4pm @Drill Hall Gallery for those interested (see seperate eventbrite page for info )

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Birds are a constant companion to lots of us. Many have unique encounters or special relationships with them. It’s a rewarding experience to watch and listen to their beauty, behaviour and bird song as they fly about, foraging for food, nest building or calling for a mate.

The Wonderful World of Birds Workshop will teach you how to capture the awe-inspiring beauty and many expressive qualities of birds we are blessed to encounter in our daily lives. For two days the central theme throughout the workshop will be to help you understand and learn techniques to draw and paint avian qualities that intrigue and inspire you.

Learn in a fun, covid safe environment, easy to follow drawing approaches designed to strengthen your observation skills and develop individual expression. Demonstrations will guide students through a combination of mixed media techniques, planned to promote the creation of unique artworks about the bird’s participants admire and love.

Join in this enjoyable, exciting workshop if you want to learn how to draw birds or enhance your existing knowledge and talent.

Lessons and techniques cater for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

WHEN: 9.30am-4.00pm, Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd May 2021

WHERE: Rosby Mud Hut, 122 Strikes Lane, Eurunderee MUDGEE

COST: $265 per student. Includes complimentary lunch with Rosby Wine – SOLD OUT


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Last Sunday of the Month Drawing Workshops from 10am – 4pm 2021 at Art Est Art School in Leichhardt, New South Wales.

A series of monthly workshops to help you understand and learn exciting, expressive drawing skills. Each workshop will focus on a particular area of drawing and artmaking, which will expand your mind, creative knowledge and talent to all the wonderful things drawing can be! Monthly subjects are selected to support individual artistic development and focus on evolving a solid skill base. This course is designed for people who want to learn how to draw and for those that want to dedicate themselves to an ongoing creative exploration of drawing. These one-day workshops are held in a concentrated drawing and painting environment, designed to activate and expand on your passion to draw and create.

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Sydney Dental Hospital

 1 day drawing workshop, 10am – 4pm, Sunday 29th November 2020

Art Est Art School & Gallery – Leichhardt, NSW


This is a fun and inspiring drawing workshop that will push you into new directions and expand your drawing and mark making skills. The class starts with a series of structured exercises to encourage new techniques to draw. Projects explore the power and subtleties that can be achieved in mark making. Drawing methods and ideas taught throughout the class will increase your knowledge about line, tone, composition and what to look for when developing your creative voice.
Workshop is suitable to all levels of experience.


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Four residencies for October 2020 to June 2021 have been awarded for The Old School Mt Wilson.

I am very pleased to announce I have been awarded a four week residency to develop my Wildfire project.
On Saturday 26th of October 2019, a hot, windy, stormy day brewed in the Blue Mountains. A bolt of lightning made ground at Gosper Mountain setting the Wollemi National Park on fire. The epicentre of a mega blaze that swept through the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Hunter Valley, Cudgegong, and Central Coast local government areas.
My aim while artist in residence is to connect with people from Mt Wilson, Mt Irvine, Bell, Mt Tomah, Bilpin and surrounding communities to hear about their experience dealing with the mega blaze. My purpose is to conserve valuable stories and contribute creatively to the Australian bushfire history.
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Online Art Course – I Can’t Live Without…

An in-depth creative enquiry into a personal object or theme.


Course includes
  • Weekly project with detailed information, links and videos to assist you.
  • Weekly follow up individually tailored, one on one online tutorials.
  • Learn skills and techniques with variety of drawing materials, how to make exciting composition, knowledge and practical skills to help you produce a series of artworks.
  • Accesses to WhatsApp group connected to the course to share with like-minded creatives.
  • Form online connections with others for possible future group exhibitions.
  • Estimated weekly time 3 – 6 hours (your pace)
  • Experience level – Intermediate to Advanced
  • Next course commences early August 2020.
  • For more information or to join waiting list go to contacts page on this website and send a message.



I have learnt so much on this course, it’s hard to believe the progress made in a few weeks. Jody has put together a course that is interesting and challenged me to deeply get to know my subject matter. Each week I learnt and practiced new skills and Jody’s knowledge and resources pushed me to keep improving.
I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their drawing and learn a variety of techniques and skills. Jody is a great teacher, she really looks at your individual work and sees what could be improved or experimented with. Her deep love and expertise in drawing and creativity comes across in her lessons.
It was also fun and supportive to post in the whatsapp group as we went along – to see other’s work progressing and to share insights and challenges.
Mandy Galbraith 29/6/2020


Jody’s course has taken me from feeling that my drawing was a huge weakness to a position of greater confidence in my technical skills and an enthusiasm for exploring further techniques and experimentation. I was impressed with the tailored experience and the number of resources that Jody provided. Her feedback and guidance was positive and constructive. The addition of the WhatsApp group allowed us to share and comment between online sessions which was encouraging and valuable. I Can’t Live Without has been an excellent course and has led to works for exhibition. Thank you, Jody.
Kirsten Johnston 28/6/2020

2 x 1 day workshops – book into both or one.

Workshop 1 – Composition – Figurative – Sunday 16th August 2020

Workshop 2 – Mark Making – Still Life – Sunday 13th September 2020


Open the Door and Draw.
Workshop 1 – Sunday 16 August 2020 – Composition – Figurative
Begin the class with interesting engaging drawing techniques to help you let go of inhibitions and connect with the joy of drawing. The second part of the class will be focused on creating a dynamic composition by changing your viewpoint and drawing yourself from a perspective you have not considered before.


Workshop 2 – Sunday 13 September 2020 –  Mark Making – Still Life
Often what we don’t see excited us, sometimes the thinking about something is more exciting than the reality of it. Uncover new approaches to still life and mark making by wrapping and binding objects and using them to draw and abstract from. This workshop will be focused on materials and mark making.
Venue – Art Est Art School
Experience level – Intermediate and advanced students.
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