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NEW DATES 17th – 19th June

Festival of Improvised and Experimental Music + Film + Art. Bringing to you innovative Artists from across the Nation.

This is the 13th year of the annual SoundOut festival, and in 2022 we will bring to you the continuation of the incredible explorative Sound, Film and visual Art event. This is the Improvisational and Experimental Music + Film + Arts festival to will uplift tired ears and eyes, explore the unknown, see within the fabric of sound, unravel the threads of normative musical praxis, and question sonic hegemonies. With artists that will combine, mix, cross-fertilize, and move sound mountains to inspire inquiring ears

SoundOut 2022 sees the extraordinary Artists: Vanessa Tomlinson ( vibraphone) in the duo Clocked Out with Erik Griswold (piano); Monika Brooks (piano and accordion); Clayton Thomas (double bass); Jim Denley(flute/saxophone); Sally-Anne McIntyre (electronics/radio objects) in a duo with Campbell Walker (experimental film); Laura Altman (clarinet/objects); Melanie Herbert (violin); Maria Moles (percussion/drums); Dave Brown(guitar); Nikki Johnson (percussion), Clara Pitt (flute); Nick Ashwood (guitar); Tony Osborne (vocals/electronics); Brian McNamara (invented electronics instr.); Charles Martin (electronics); Siena Mitchell (keyboard/electronics); Pip Gazard (electronics); Louise Curham (experimental film); Rhys Butler (alto sax); Richard Johnson (wind instr.); + more.

Mark Cauvin (double bass) and Jody Graham (visual Artist) will be performing in a duo improvisations of sound drawings during the festival as well as running a SoundOut Workshop on the 28th January from 1 – 4pm @Drill Hall Gallery for those interested (see seperate eventbrite page for info )

Link to book for Sound/Drawing workshop


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An exhibition challenging people’s perception of “rubbish”, celebrating the reuse and recycling of waste through art.

The works of almost 40 innovative and renowned eco-artists will take centre-stage at a new exhibition opening at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney in August.

Transformation will encompass everything from haute couture and jewellery, to homewares, wall art, textiles and more — with all exhibits featuring recycled materials, including paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, metal and rubber, in addition to discarded and found objects.

Curator Robbie Macintosh says Transformation is all about changing our perceptions of what qualifies as waste, and inspiring behavioural change.

“We want to awaken our visitors’ collective conscience,” said Robbie. “Eco artistry is not just intriguing, beautiful and transformative; it is also about showing concern for the environment and encouraging us to adapt for a brighter future where we live more sustainably by rescuing items which would otherwise be discarded.

Location: The Palm House and Moore Room, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney Parking available on Mrs Macquaries Road
Exhibition Dates: Saturday 11 – Sunday 19 December 2021, 10 AM – 4 PM Open daily. All works are for sale.

For more information click here

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Drawing forms the core of Jody Graham’s art. Driven by an atavistic technique, she uses unconventional tools, found objects, and idiosyncratic approaches to explore contemporary art.

A scavenger, Jody utilises in her art what she finds, whether natural residue or decaying bones. She then directly engages with nature by leaving artworks in the rain, dragging some over rocks, plunging others into muddy dams.

‘Getting Pinked’ emerged from residencies in Mount Wilson in December 202o and Bilpin in January 2021. It draws on the human and emotional toll as much as the natural and environmental impact of the Black Summer fires.

Rick O’Brien October 2021

Exhibition 4th December 2021 – 16th January 2022 at Lost Bear Gallery 

Link to view catalogue

Rescue – Australian Magpie – 95cm x 100cm
acrylic, tree sap, charcoal from 2019/2020 Australian Black Summer bushfires hand stitching on paper


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Jody Graham – work in progress – Black Summer

Black Summer  – Drawing with charcoal from 2019/2020 Black Summer Australian bushfires.


A really large drawing I worked on exploring mark making with burnt wood from 2019/20 megafires has been selected as a finalist in the 2021 Fishers Ghost Art Award.
The making of this work was a hard physical slog and the technique I used to create the marks shredded my knuckles and hands, yet even so, I totally loved creating it. I did it for my own pleasure and am really wrapped it will get a public viewing.

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The devastation of the fire storm that enveloped much of NSW in 2019/20 has provided the genesis for this body of work. From the landscape to the flora and fauna that inhabit it, Graham investigates every nuance, weaving her narrative and deep love of the land into the picture plane. There is optimism in the work from this period. Out of the ashes we find beauty and life—a regeneration of the land and our psyche.

Excerpt – Ralph Hobbs & Nicole Hauser May 2021

Artworks in this exhibition/collection can be viewed online at Nanda/Hobbs Gallery 

High-flyer, Hell Ride, Escape – Charcoal from 2019/20 Black Summer Bushfires & compressed charcoal, pastel, natural ochre on paper
All drawings – 140cm (h) x 114cm (w)  – Image credit: Graeme Wienand

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The inaugural WAMA Art Prize, Works On Paper invites a multi-disciplinary range of nature inspired Australian artists, to celebrate their connectivity with nature and raise awareness of the importance of conserving our precious and unique Australian environment.

The WAMA Art Prize is a biennial award and exhibition showcasing wildlife and nature- inspired art created on or with paper

‘Getting Pinked – Laughing Kookaburra’ selected as a finalist for the WAMA Art Prize. Selected artworks will be exhibited from September 18 – January 31, 2022 at


Image: Jody Graham – ‘Getting Pinked – Laughing Kookaburra’


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Looking at Painting – Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre – Hopper Gallery

Nell, Carmen Glynn- Braun, Hayley Megan French, Jody Graham, Rochelle Haley, Kirtika Kain, Claudia Nicholson, Judy Watson and Nypanyapa Yunupingu.

LOOKING AT PAINTING features artists that push the boundaries of the painting medium. It showcases a mix of emerging, mid-career and established artists who experiment with paint through approaches to collaboration, material, process and installation.
The artists explore very different themes and ideas through their artworks, each has a unique story that starts with innovative mark-making with painterly materials.
Through this exhibition, audiences will see the diversity of the form of expanded painting today, and many of its exciting possibilities.


LAUNCH: Sat 3 July – 2pm – 4pm.

Exhibition dates 3 July – 5 September 2021


1 Powerhouse Rd Casula NSW 2170 (Enter via Shepherd St)

Tel (02) 8711 7123 Free entry

Open daily – next to Casula train station – free parking available

Looking at Painting e-invite